Dr Rukiya Surya Shaikh has been treating Diabetes and Thyroid conditions for over 10 years by taking a comprehensive, patient-centric approach to treating them. Understanding individuals, their lifestyle and their situations are key before deciding the line of treatment.


Charles Nadar Sr. Vice President – Marketing, Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited

Mom referred Dr Rukiya Surya as she has been visiting the doctor for many years. The most important thing I expect from any doctor is that they give enough time in understanding my issues and be approachable. And Dr Rukiya didn’t disappoint me. She was patient enough to listen to my medical issues and suggest medicines accordingly. And she is quite approachable as a couple of times, she responded promptly to my WhatsApp queries. Her guidance on my diet and medicines had kept my sugar well under control. In fact, reduced dosage as well. Due to lockdown, I have been consulting her through video calls, and she has been kind enough to accommodate my timing and call me accordingly. I wish her all the best in the coming years.


As you become pregnant and carry a life within you,all you can keep thinking about is the angel's safety. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in my 7th month and my gynecologist referred me to Dr Surya, since she specializes in it.She made my journey quite smooth as well removed all the misconceptions. She ensured that I control my sugar with balanced diet rather than medicine or insulin. I really thank her for the right advice and timely monitoring.

Mr V M Ahluwalia

Heartiest congratulation. Wish you all the best in your endeavour. I certainly can say that you are best diabetic doctor so far that I got for treatment. Due covid, I am not able to travel from Ghaziabad to Mumbai, so unable to join inauguration function, otherwise I would have much pleasure to join inauguration function. However when ever I visit Mumbai will definitely have your consultation. Thanks a lot for your invitation.


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    Dr Rukiya Surya Shaikh has served for more than 10 years in the prevention and management of Diabetes.

    Comprehensive Care

    Apart from medical treatment, we provide all-round support needed in people with diabetes & thyroid.

    Personal Touch

    Our patients never dread coming back to us since we are like an extended family where they feel no fear.

    Customised Treatment​

    No more one-size-fits-all treatment; we thoroughly analyse & provide a personalised solution to each patient.

    Better Experience

    We are constantly trying to make your experience during and between the appointments seamless and hassle-free.