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Dr Rukiya Surya Shaikh

Dr Rukiya Surya Shaikh | Diabetologist & Thyroid Care Specialist | Blue Circle Clinic | Mulund - Mumbai

Dr Rukiya Surya Shaikh has been treating people with Diabetes and Thyroid for many years now. She believes in a personal, holistic, and natural approach towards making people live their lives happily, with or without a medical condition.

Patient Testimonials
Now I know the importance of reducing stress to manage diabetes.
I had given up on my blood sugar before I started consulting Dr. Surya
M. Jambunathan
I now have the confidence that my hypothyroidism can be managed well.
As you become pregnant and carry a life within you, all you can keep thinking about is the new angel's safety. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in my 7th month and my gynec referred me to Dr. Surya, since she specializes in it. She made my journey quite smooth as well removed all the misconceptions.
She ensured that I control my sugar with balanced diet rather than medicine or insulin. I really thank her for the right advice and timely monitoring.

Why Choose us

Dr Rukiya Surya | Top Diabetologist & Thyroid Specialist | Mumbai

Dr Rukiya Surya Shaikh has served for more than 10 years in the prevention and management of Diabetes.

Comprehensive Care

Apart from medical treatment, we provide all-round support needed in people with diabetes and thyroid conditions.

Customized Treatment

No more one-size-fit-all treatment; we thoroughly analyse and understand each patient's requirement and provide a personalised solution to them.

Personal touch

Our patients never dread coming back to us, since we are like an extended family where they feel no fear.

Better Experience

We are constantly trying to make your experience during and between the appointments seamless and hassle-free.